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EMH is expert at combining complete, high quality standard products with experienced engineering to solve custom problems. They also readily and efficiently modify these standards to fit your particular application. They can assist you at any stage of your project with planning, design, specifications and drawings.

The EMH Crane Girder
Manufacturing Process

EMH uses A-36 structural steel plates, which are precisely cut and cleaned prior to fabrication. Jigs and fixtures are employed for the tack welding of individual plates, ensuring that each plate is properly positioned under the corrrect pressure before welding.

The use of a semi-automatic, submerged arc, full penetration welding process ensures uniform, high quality welds in the tack welded crane girders. The girders are assembled to form rigid, torsion-resistant box sections of low dead-weight construction.

EMH routinely performs magnaflux and X-ray inspections of critical welds to ensure uniform high quality.


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